How Does Goodrx Make Money

GoodRx is a leading healthcare technology company that provides price comparison and discount services for prescription drugs in the United States.

Since its inception in 2011, the company has been offering a range of innovative solutions to help consumers save money on their medications.

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at how GoodRx makes money and the various ways it generates revenue.

How Goodrx Makes Money

Here are the various ways in which Goodrx makes or generates money

  1. Prescription Referral Fees

GoodRx earns a substantial amount of its revenue from prescription referral fees. Whenever a consumer uses the GoodRx platform to find a prescription drug at a discounted price, the company earns a referral fee from the pharmacy that fulfills the prescription. The amount of the referral fee varies based on the type of drug, the pharmacy, and the volume of transactions.

  1. Advertising Revenue

Another significant source of revenue for GoodRx is advertising. The company partners with pharmaceutical manufacturers and health insurance companies to advertise their products and services on the GoodRx platform. These ads appear on the website and mobile app, and the revenue generated from them allows GoodRx to offer its services for free to consumers.

  1. Subscription Revenue

In addition to prescription referral fees and advertising revenue, GoodRx also generates revenue from its subscription service, GoodRx Gold. This premium service offers even greater discounts on prescription drugs, as well as additional features such as telemedicine services and savings on pet medications. Consumers can purchase a monthly or annual subscription to GoodRx Gold, and the revenue generated from these subscriptions helps to fund the company’s operations.

  1. Data Sales

GoodRx also generates revenue by selling de-identified healthcare data to pharmaceutical companies, insurance providers, and other healthcare stakeholders. This data is used to inform research, product development, and marketing initiatives, and is an essential source of insight for companies looking to better understand the healthcare landscape.

  1. API Services

Finally, GoodRx generates revenue through its API (Application Programming Interface) services. These services allow other companies to integrate GoodRx’s pricing data into their own platforms, such as electronic health records and telemedicine services. GoodRx charges a fee for access to its API, and the revenue generated from these services helps to fund the company’s ongoing operations.


In conclusion, GoodRx is a healthcare technology company that has found innovative ways to generate revenue while offering valuable services to consumers. By earning prescription referral fees, advertising revenue, subscription revenue, data sales, and API services revenue, GoodRx has built a sustainable business model that benefits both consumers and healthcare stakeholders alike.

In conclusion, GoodRx has built a successful business model by generating revenue through multiple streams. By earning referral fees, advertising revenue, subscription revenue, data sales, and API services revenue, GoodRx is able to offer its services for free to consumers while still generating revenue. This approach has allowed GoodRx to become a trusted and valuable resource for consumers looking to save money on their prescription drugs