How Does Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Make Money

how does canadian imperial bank of commerce make money

CIBC is a leading financial institution offering a wide range of product and services to customers. A key question begs; how does Canadian Imperial bank of Commerce make money today?

With its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the bank provides personal, business and wealth management services.

For any business, success comes with a positive bottom line. As an entrepreneur, I know you know how important it is to make money from your business operations.

It is important that you learn how banks make money in general.

That would help you understand how a business like the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce makes money.

If you are interested in how CIBC generates money, and how it’s business model works, you are in the right place.

This article and resource is your ultimate guide into how CIBC makes money.

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How Does CIBC Make Money?

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is making money from four key segments;

  1. Canadian Personal and Business Banking
  2. U.S Commercial Banking and Wealth Management
  3. Canadian Commercial Banking and Wealth Management
  4. Canadian Capital Markets

These four segments fall into two broad markets or categories that are; retail markets and world or global markets.


CIBC is listed at the Toronto Stock Exchange as well as the New York Stock Exchange.

The bank provides services and products in Canada, United States and global market.

It is from these regions and markets that it generates most of it’s money.

CIBC has an asset base of over $677 Billion as at the end of 2022, with a profit of $5.3 Billion from revenues of $18 Billion.

The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce makes money mostly from the Canadian personal and business banking segment. It is closely followed by the U.S commercial banking and wealth management segments.