How Does Standard Bank Make Money

how does standard bank make money

Standard Bank and Group is an African integrated financial services provider. It provides banking, insurance, investment and also non-financial products or services. But how does Standard Bank make money?

When thinking of your personal financial journey, it is easy to realize that you need banking solutions.

In a bank, you can open a checking account, saving out and even an investment account. You can borrow money to buy a home or run your business.

You clearly need a financial partner to achieve your personal financial goals.

Banks play a big role in this.

If you have been wondering how Standard Bank makes money, then you are in luck today. You have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn and understand how Standard Bank generates or earns money. You will have clarity on how the bank works, and how it’s business model operates to make money.

You can use this information to make better decisions on whether to open an account or do business with Standard Bank.

It can also help you increase your financial knowledge as to the workings of the bank.

Let us dive into how Standard Bank makes money.

How Does Standard Bank Make Money?

When you look at the financials of Standard bank, you will realize that the bank makes money from;

  1. Consumer Banking
  2. Business Banking
  3. Investment Banking
  4. Risk and Insurance Services

You can easily argue or say that Standard Bank makes money from banking, insurance and investment divisions of it’s business model.


In conclusion, Standard Bank generates money from its banking, insurance and investment activities.

The bank has products and services that make money from these three segments.

When you look at the South African market, the bank has  leading market share in mortgage, card and deposits.

Looking at the bank’s balance sheet will make you learn that interest and non-interest income is a big part of Standard Bank’s revenue growth.

Yes, as a bank, it makes money from fees as well as interest from investing or trading activities.

There are great lessons you can pick from Standard Bank on how to make money in your business as well.

Creating value in the market and serving your customers well leads to great financial results.

Standard Bank has created a robust business model. This is helping the bank to make money from multiple revenue streams.

As you manage your personal finances, you should also find ways to create and have multiple streams of income, just like Standard Bank.

That will help you diversify your exposure and manage risks better.