How Does Royal Bank of Scotland Make Money

how does royal bank of scotland make money

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) is the leading provider of commercial, corporate and private banking services in the United Kingdom. But how does Royal Bank of Scotland make money from this market?

When it comes to banking in the United Kingdom, Royal Bank of the Scotland is one of the institutions you should consider.

For a bank to make money, it must create products and services that add value to the targeted customers.

Understanding how a bank makes money can help you to manage your own personal finances.

This is because banks help you open accounts, provide you with debts and can be avenues for you to invest your money.

Knowing how Royal Bank of Scotland operates and makes money is important. You can use that information to make certain key decisions related to money.

If you have been wondering how RBS makes money, then this article has been created for you.

This is a resource that looks into how the Royal Bank of Scotland makes money, and the overall business model of the bank.

Now, grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink, and let us get into how Royal Bank of Scotland makes money today.

How Does Royal Bank of Scotland Make Money?

To put it simply, the Royal Bank of Scotland makes money from these two segments;

  1. Personal Banking
  2. Business Banking

Most of the banks make money by lending out money, and other earning non-interest incomes from investment activities.


When you look at the business model of the Royal Bank of Scotland, it becomes easier to see how the bank makes money today.

The company’s products and services include banking as well as risk management.

What you can get by becoming a customer of the bank includes payments, insurance, personal loans, liquidity management and investment.

You will get such services as personal loans, credit cards, current and savings accounts, portfolio management and utilized funds.

It is worth noting that RBS is now owned by NatWest.