How Does Standard Chartered Bank Make Money

how does standard chartered bank make money

When banks are announcing their financial results, you will hear Standard Chartered bank’s results. You might even read them online or in your favorite newspaper. But how does Standard Chartered make money?

This is the question my friend asked me. It is possible you are here and reading this because you also want to know.

It is important to understand how banks make money.

This can be very helpful in your own journey or managing your own money. You will be in a better position to manage and reduce your banking costs or fees.

Standard Chartered bank provides banking solutions to individuals and businesses across its market segments.

For any business to have sustainability, it has to find ways to generate or make money. Banks are businesses too.

If you are interested in understanding how StanChart makes money, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will learn and appreciate the bank’s business model. You will fully understand how Standard Chartered bank makes money today.

How Does Standard Chartered Bank Make Money?

To summarize it for you, Standard Chartered bank makes money from the following segments;

  1. Consumer Banking
  2. Corporate Banking
  3. Institutional Banking
  4. Treasury Services
  5. Wealth Management
  6. Transactional Banking

It is worth noting over the last couple of years, the bank’s management has been keen on repairing the balance sheet

At the same time, the bank is building a portfolio of digital assets.


In conclusion, Standard Chartered bank has adopted a strategy that is focusing on the Eastern market, rather than the U.S and Europe.

This plan or business strategy seems to be working, based on how the bank is making money.

It is getting positive results, to it’s balance sheet and obviously to the shareholders in terms of earnings.

StanChart is listed in London Stock Exchange as well as in Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

This provides you with an opportunity to tap into the growth and profitability of the bank.

You can do this by buying shares or stock in the stock market. Talk to your advisors on how to buy shares or how the stock market works.

With presence in 59 markets, and 85,000 employees, Standard Chartered bank is keen to capture trade flows between its key markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

However, the bank currently lacks the heft of the larger rivals in commercial and investment banking.