How Does Close Brothers Make Money

how does close brothers make money

Understanding how Close Brothers operates is an important if you are an analyst, investor or one of their customers. The key question many people have is; how does Close Brothers make money?

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Close Brothers make money from providing banking products and services, securities and asset management.

In the sections below, you will get more details into this happens, and the business model that Close Brothers is using to generate revenues.

Close Brothers is a merchant banking group, providing lending, deposit taking, wealth management and securities trading services to its customers.

For a company started by two brothers, this financial services provider is doing rather well for itself.

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This article will help you learn and understand how Close Brothers make money, and how the business operates in the current market.

How Does Close Brothers Make Money?

In a nutshell, Close Brothers makes money from products and services across three divisions or segments;

  1. Banking
  2. Securities
  3. Asset Management

When you dig deeper into the above, you realize that Close brothers is making money from lending money, securities trading, investment management and capital markets.


Close Brothers provide a wide range of products and services to clients.

Serving businesses and individuals in the United Kingdom helps the merchant banks to make money.

As an institution, Close Brothers make money from its three main divisions mainly; banking, securities and asset management.

One of the things you should do is learn how to read financial and business statements.

Looking at a bank’s balance sheet is always exciting to me. I enjoy looking at the numbers, cash flow and income statements of how banks make money.

They reveal a lot about how a business work, and what the bank is focusing on.

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